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Our Objective

Delivering exceptional quality work product while safeguarding confidentiality are our highest priorities. Our client-interaction model handles each step of a project with confidence and security. Project submission, scope & requirements planning, phased execution & quality control, interim review, and final delivery are all done quickly, accurately, and safely.

Legal Advantage's vision is to become the partner of choice for firms and corporations in need of world-class legal services support. Legal Advantage has achieved this vision by blending unparalleled dependability, accuracy, and client service - resulting in a stellar client retention rate that is among the highest in the industry. Evolving with dynamic industry and technical developments, Legal Advantage continues to set the gold standard in Legal Support Services.

Our prior art search team

Our professionals utilize their experienced backgrounds from their various technology fields to uncover and deliver the critical materials you need.

Our patent search experts have access to industry leading patent and prior art databases such as Derwent Innovation, Patseer, Orbit and about 200 patent and non-patent literature search and chemical structure search databases through STN.

After a thorough analysis of the search results, a customized PDF reports is prepared that lays out the critical claims up front, a search history reports highlighting the tools and processes utilized, as well as a complete file history of the patents searched.

We have the right people on our Prior Art Search Team

Over 80% of our team members have a Masters Degree in their search field
Over 40% of our team members have either two Masters Degrees or a PhD
Combined experience in over 15,000 searches in the past eight plus years

We have people in the right technology backgrounds

Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Medical Devices, Chemistry, Polymer Technology,
Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Genetics, Chemical Engineering, Business Practices,
and Computer Science

We can do it quickly

Fast project completion, within standard five business day turnaround

We do it right

High quality end product with relevant results

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